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Our Story

We are animal lovers just like you! Happy Pets is dedicated to helping your furry friends enjoy life with less pain, less anxiety, and more tail-wagging, belly rubs, and delicious treats. Because come on, your pet is just the cutest! Our story begins with our passion for making pets happy because we believe that a happy pet means a happy you.

We Are a Bunch of Like-Minded Animal Lovers

Happy Pets - Our Team

Happy Pets started as a passion project from a group of young entrepreneurs in Switzerland. We met when we worked in Audacia Group, which is when we bonded over our love for animals. Together, we realized that many of our pets started suffering ailments as they age.

In an effort to help our pets, we did some research and found that Hemp for cats and dogs helps them with anxiety and discomfort just like people. But we were troubled when we found no online sellers in Switzerland who exclusively sold Hemp dog treats or hemp pet care products. This would mean to get Hemp in Switzerland for your pets, you’d either have to order them from companies that didn’t specialize in pets, order from sketchy sites, or wait for weeks to get your Hemp oil for dogs from somewhere far away. We went on a mission to change that.

Our Mission is to Make It Easy to Get Quality Products for Your Pet

That’s why now, in 2021, we founded Happy Pets. Your pet’s health is your top priority, and it’s ours too. Currently, there are no other websites in Switzerland selling Hemp just for pets. We believe it shouldn’t be difficult to find the best natural treatments for your fur baby. That’s why we’re making locally sourced Hemp oil for cats, Hemp oil for dogs and Hemp dog treats available for you directly online. We’re also offering other healthy, natural pet products to keep your pet around a long, long time. We know that you pet parents love your babies, and that’s why we want to offer you the best natural plant-based treats.

We’re Finding the Best Organically-Grown Hemp Sources

We only source organic products. If they don’t come from right here in Switzerland, we source them locally. We care so much about your pet’s health that we’ll only source premium, regulated Hemp from quality sources, such as Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Canada, and the US. We find the best-quality plant-based derived products and we make sure there is no THC in the products we offer on our website.

But we aren’t just looking to supply your need for pet Hemp oil for cats and dogs. We will supply your pet with every effective plant-based product needed. This includes Hemp sprays for pets, Hemp supplements for pets, Hemp dog treats, Hemp dog shampoos, and paw protection ointments for dogs and cats.

At Happy Pets, you don’t need to look any further, because we are your marketplace for all your natural pet products.

We’ll Help Educate You on What’s Best for Your Pet with Our Education Center

Here at Happy Pets, we also want to help educate you on why Hemp for pets is a good option for your furry companion. Hemp is a popular buzz term in the health community lately, but hemp-based products are anything but new.

Education Center Happy pets

You and your pet both have cannabinoid receptors in your body, which help regulate sensation, mood, and memory. If your pet has anxiety, Hemp helps relieve anxiety and stress when they’re alone or if they’re struggling through a stressful event. You can learn more about Hemp and its benefits for pets in our Education Center. Through there, we’ll keep you up-to-date on news on pet care and information that’s good to know as a pet parent.

We Love Our Customers

We believe every pet deserves attention and love. That’s why we have dedicated customer services readily available to answer questions and solve issues regarding your order. We also offer free delivery within Switzerland. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us and we will help you out.

Thank you for stopping by our site! We’re excited to see you here. Let us help your pets with the best Hemp pet products around! Because around here, we believe a happy pet means a happy you.